Our mission statement

Building a world in which all employees can be PROUD of their work. Regardless of their origin, language or education

Our Mission


Alundi’s mission is to bridge the communication gap in companies with a multicultural workforce working in home services, on site or in shifts.

We do this with a simple app in which tasks, forms and documentation are available in the employees’ native language. In which employees from the shop floor give feedback and can directly address colleagues and managers.

We want to build an inclusive work environment in which engaged and happy workers, regardless of language or level of education, can make a conscious contribution to achieving the mission of their company.

  • JULY 2017

    Alundi cvba was founded in Ghent in July 2017.

  • JUNE 2018

    The basic version of Alundi was ready and was launched in an aluminium plant in Spain.

  • September 2019

    Alundi was launched on the Belgian market. In September Alundi became operational at the first customer in Belgium.

  • APRIL 2020

    The Corona edition of Alundi was launched.