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Alundi user guide

Alundi has the following communication channels:

Alert/s: A short, text-based message which is pushed to Employees, Departments, or Teams. An Alert is an ideal way to inform everybody at the same time. For example, about a critical situation in the plant.

Whistles: A short message including text, and a picture or short video. Whistles can be sent between individual Employees or Teams. A Community Builder can organise and restrict who can send and receive Whistles.

Waves: Bulletin boards which are created by the Community Builder. The Community Builder decides who can post or comment on Waves.

Public Library: A group of PDF documents used by a Team or Department. Community Builders create the Libraries, while Employees can read and forward documents to other members of the Team or Department.

Private Library (Alundi Enterprise only): A group of PDF documents which relate to an individual Employee. This may include salary slips, work contracts, and other HR documentation relating to the employee. Documents can only be included in a Private Library by a HR Desk Employee.

Address Book (Alundi Plant and Alundi Enterprise only): A complete address book for all personnel in the company who utilise Alundi.


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