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In which Alundi makes all the difference.
In 3 days up & running.

Complete toolset for internal communication

Alert/s: A text message pushed to Employees, Departments or Teams. An Alert is the perfect way to remind or notify everyone of an important fact at the same time.

Whistles: Chat messages via the messenger of Alundi. The Community Builder always determines who can receive and send Whistles. In the Alundi messenger, the phone numbers of the employees are not visible.

Waves: Bulletin boards where messages are published in chronological order. The Community Builder configures who can publish messages and who can comment or like them.

Public Library: A collection of pdf documents used by a Team or Department. Only Community Builders create libraries.

Private Library*: Pdf-documents that are only relevant for an individual employee. Because of their confidential nature, these documents are only accessible to the employee concerned and the HR department employees.

Forms: No pre-defined set of standard forms but a complete "configurator" that allows forms to be configured by the Community Builder.

Translation help**: In Whistles, Waves and forms, the user can call on the translation assistant. Alundi translates to more than 50 languages.

Start screens: The Community Builder determines per team what the start screen looks like. Documents, forms, important contacts, videos, ... are brought to the attention.

Messages: As soon as a new message or document is published, employees always receive a notification. This way they do not have to look for information themselves.

(*) Only available in the HR Module
(**) Only if translation help is available

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