Encourage communication between workers whether they are located in production, remotely, or in the office via the Alundi social network for business.

Efficient team and employee management.

Easy batch processing* via Excel imports and exports.

Ultimate scalability and flexibility make Alundi the perfect tool for companies with a large production workforce.

Alundi is an easy to manage communication platform where the business remains in control of the information flow. Alundi was developed in Europe with European businesses in mind. We are fully GDPR-compliant and will be ISO-27001 certified in the near future. Your data is safe with Alundi.

(*) Realtime integration with your online payroll system can be established.

Simplify internal communication.

One platform to share ideas, experiences, best practices, and documents between blue-collar, remote, and desktop employees.

A key driver behind Enterprise 2.0 and Industry 4.0 is the ability to increase collaboration between all employees and enable fact-based decision making. By ensuring all employees have the latest information, and empowering them to take part in a two-way dialogue, they can take more decisions more quickly, and with a better outcome for the business.

Waves, Alundi’s bulletin boards

Find the latest news about teams and departments.

Understand exactly what drives your workforce and interact directly.

  • Mini-surveys give you the chance to get feedback quickly from employees in production.Ask them for their opinion of the tools the tools they use, or how processes can be improved.

  • Waves act like bulletin boards where you can collect all of the information about a subject or project. This makes them ideal for project management or training new employees.
    The Community Builder can archive Waves so that they disappear for one or more employees. Waves can also be reactivated – ideal for once a year or recurring projects.

  • Video’s allow employees to take for training when they can, or report issues about their working environment and tools.
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Raise awareness of safety with movies that raise a smile and engage every employee.

  • Comments and likes allow you to feel the heartbeat of the team.Stimulate feedback and comments to understand what really matters to your people.

Upload and share PDFs via Libraries

Practical documents, like manuals and codes of conduct, can be stored in Libraries. A Library is only accessible to the teams with authorised access. Everybody has access to the same documents and the most recent version!

Employees can forward documents to an email address, or print them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Everywhere you go.

With fully native apps for iOS and Android, and a web application, whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere. Everything stays in sync

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Simple to use, easy to understand

If your employees have used a social media application, they can use Alundi. We’ve ensured interface is clear, simple, and easy to follow, whatever your experience.
And best of all, everything is in one place!