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Digital Workplace for Employees working in Shifts or on the Move

Alundi is a user-friendly app designed specifically for industrial businesses and sites where a majority of blue collar workers do not have access to a company email address. It allows you to harness the power of internal communications and reach all employees whether they are on the factory floor, mobile, or desk-based.

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Alundi stimulates collaboration between ALL of your employees.

No email address is needed, ensuring all employees can connect, whatever part of the business they are in.

Make internal communications a breeze

Send alerts, short-surveys, personal messages, and share PDFs and bulletin boards. Information can be restricted to teams, plants, or shared across the business.

Keep all employees in the loop

No email needed. Alundi uses your employee’s existing mobile number to connect. Mobile app and web versions available.

Fully scalable solution

From one team at a single site to multiple teams at different sites, Alundi scales to the size of your business. Five different user and administrator levels give you full control.

One-to-one messaging for
the entire company.

Best-in-class app connects blue-collar, remote, and desktop employees using technology they are already familiar with.
Build your community and your business while involving all employees… That’s the Alundi mission!

  • Digital bulletin boards for every team.

    Create bulletin boards for specific teams and departments – or the whole company. Configure access and commenting to meet the needs of your business.

  • The tool for community building.

    Ask for feedback via mini-surveys. Enable two-way dialogue by sharing pictures and short videos.

  • Import and export data easily.

    Measure employee engagement. Monitor participation and report the most relevant metrics.

  • Full internal messaging system.

    One-to-one messages can be sent between team members.

  • Empowering ALL your employees.

    Let employees publish and promote the content they produce. No email required.

  • Powerful user management.

    Control and manage all interactions. Manage user groups by importing and exporting data via simple Microsoft Excel datasheets.

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