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Digital Workplace for Employees working in Shifts or on the Move

Alundi is a user-friendly app that has been specifically developed for companies with a multicultural workforce that works in home services, on site or in shifts. Exploit the full potential of internal communication and reach all workers, even if they don’t have a company email address.

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Alundi is the solution for internal communication and collaboration in companies like:

Construction & Installation

Process & Production

Care & Cleaning

Interim & Retail

Alundi stimulates collaboration between ALL of your employees.

No email address is needed, ensuring all employees can connect, whatever part of the business they are in.

Reach every employee

Send reminders, create digital forms, share personal PDFs, request feedback via multiple choice questions, configure chat groups, design FAQs and bulletin boards,…but keep the overview.

Starting up is as easy as ABC.

An e-mail address is not required. Employees will be added based on their mobile number. Alundi is available as a mobile app for Android or iPhone. It is very easy to use and requires no explanation.

Bridge the language gap

Your employees can always call in the built-in translation help when reading a message or filling in a form. Misunderstandings due to a language gap are a thing of the past.

Complete toolbox for Internal Communication and HR-Support.

Alundi is a cloud application which anyone with a bit of social media skills can use. Don’t worry, we offer your employees in HR and Internal Communication full support during configuration and implementation. After all, we want to make sure that they master the full potential of Alundi. If necessary, you will be up & running in 3 working days. That is the power of Alundi!

  • Alundi is a user-friendly app.

    Alundi is the app par excellence on the smartphone of workers who work on the move. It is their gateway to personal documents and team information. This way they are notified, can have conversations with colleagues and fill in forms. And with the built-in translation help, they understand everything: over 50 languages are available.

  • Alundi is a powerful back office.

    For the company’s Community Builders, Alundi is a powerful online back office. Workforce management with a structured information flow via digital bulletin boards, PDFs at team or individual level or via in-app notifications and SMS, it is all possible. Feedback via multiple choice questions and forms is easy to configure and process.

  • The open architecture of Alundi.

    Alundi was developed to be linked to the company’s existing IT platforms. Thanks to its open architecture and flexibility, Alundi is the digital gateway of the ERP package of the company. Through custom API’s it is possible to manage all the information channels in Alundi and automate the user management.

  • Alundi is the communication app of the company.

    For companies with more than 250 employees, the look&feel of Alundi can be adapted to the corporate identity. This way Alundi becomes available as a – company specific – app in the App Store. And at startup, the interface reflects the familiar corporate colours, or in other words, brand identification from the top shelf.

Link Alundi to your ERP or HR platform.
We develop the API you need.

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